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Matt Barone

With extensive experience in both print and digital media, I've professionally written as well as edited stories about pop culture for the last 12 years. Specializing in film and TV, I've spent the last five years working at Complex and Tribeca Film, through which I've covered various film festivals (such as TIFF, SXSW, and Fantastic Fest). I've also written for Grantland, Rolling Stone, The Dissolve, and Shock Till You Drop, among other outlets. Follow me on Twitter at @MBarone.



Alicia Keys Honors Prince's Legacy and Debuts New Music at Tribeca 2016

Special guests were blessed with an intimate performance from the R&B superstar and an exclusive look at her latest cinematically minded project. Last night, inside Lower Manhattan's Highline Ballroom, Alicia Keys debuted some of her first new music in four years, since the release of her fifth studio album, 2012's Girl on Fire. Link to Story

One Scare Too Many: ‘Sinister 2,’ ‘Paranormal Activity,’ and the Impossibility of Horror Sequels

Has Bughuul haunted you? Introduced in the 2012 movie Sinister, the heavy metal headbanger-resembling demon is perhaps the closest thing the mainstream has had to a new millennial horror icon. As conceived by Sinister cowriters Scott Derrickson and Ain’t It Cool News blogger turned screenwriter and author C.
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Then & Now: How STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Connects N.W.A.’s Struggles to the Present Day

Although it's set in the late '80s and early '90s, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON doesn't look or sound all that much different from our current reality. If anyone needs to see the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, it's Meek Mill, the Philly-bred rapper who's been trounced by Drake in a widely publicized and laughably one-sided beef that Mill started when he tweeted about how Drake (supposedly) uses a ghostwriter. Link to Story

Teen movies have finally grown up again

Our Exposition columns offer informed, compelling takes on issues around the movies, from opinions about the topics driving films today to reconsiderations of the movies of yesteryear. In Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, Greg (Thomas Mann) isn’t close to anyone in his Pittsburgh high school except his “co-worker” Earl (RJ Cyler), with whom he makes low-rent Super-8 knockoffs of classic movies, giving them silly titles like “Eyes Wide Butts” and “A Box Of Lips, Wow!”.
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35 years after Friday The 13th, slasher movies may have a future again

Our Exposition columns offer informed, compelling takes on issues around the movies, from opinions about the topics driving films today to reconsiderations of the movies of yesteryear. The original Friday The 13th, now celebrating its 35th anniversary, is no less fascinating a phenomenon today than it was in 1980.
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Meet The Woman Who Turned Adam Sandler, Chris Rock And Dave Chappelle Into Movie Stars

Today, Tamra Davis is celebrating the anniversary of her now twenty-year-old baby, Billy Madison. Last year, however, Tamra Davis didn’t know if she’d ever get to make movie audiences laugh again. Taking a thirteen-year break from making movies will do that to you. Back in the 1990s, Davis, now 53, was a steadily working and in-demand Hollywood filmmaker, the director whom producers would call upon to break in actors ready for their first big projects as headliners.
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Horror’s scariest trend is the nonexistent black filmmaker

Our Exposition columns offer informed, compelling takes on issues around the movies, from opinions about the topics driving films today to reconsiderations of the movies of yesteryear. Great horror movies require more than just scares to leave a mark. At its best, the genre lets filmmakers and viewers confront real-world nightmares through fiction.
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Under the Skin: How "The Walking Dead" Continues Zombies' Support of Racial Equality

It's only taken four years and 50-plus episodes, but, finally, The Walking Dead has earned widespread respect. AMC's apocalyptic zombie drama series hasn't exactly been ignored, of course—the show, based on Robert Kirkman's ongoing comic book series, regularly breaks ratings records. Yet before The Walking Dead's current season began early last month, TV critics were calling for the inconsistent series to end.
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"Dear White People" Director Justin Simien Wants to Change the Way We Talk About Movies

Justin Simien is hours away from the craziest moment of his life. Since the Sundance Film Festival world premiere of his debut film, Dear White People, in January, Simien has been on a whirlwind tour throughout the country, doing Q&As for the satirical comedy’s numerous festival screenings, as well as pop-up events at college campuses.
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Geek Chic (2012 Cover Story)

Now that she's mastered the horror and comic book realms, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is staking her claim to blockbuster fame in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not that she’s ready to abandon the nerds, though. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a soft spot for cinephiles, because, well, she is one. This past February, the 27-year-old actress visited her favorite movie theater, the New Beverly Cinema, a Los Angeles old-school revival house, to introduce a midnight screening of her 2010 flick, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, an adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s popular graphic novel series.
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Aubrey Plaza: She Ain't No Joke (2013 Cover Story)

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